Website Credits

This service commitment began like many in A.A., not being fully aware of what I was committing to and the amazing rewards I would receive along the journey.

Looking around at other A.A. fellowships in the Bay Area I noticed a similar structure to each of them. It was then I stumbled across the “Meeting Guide” app/plug-in that inspired me to create the current website. I forged ahead with the goal to create a new website to serve alcoholics at all stages of recovery.

Prior to these changes, Ken served the community keeping the legacy website content fresh and current This website was created by a collaboration of people. Shan from Ricciardi Designs created the foundation and programming tweaks from which to build on. I then scoured the internet looking for A.A. content that I felt best delivered the message to the still suffering alcoholic. I received help and guidance from Phil at A.A. San Jose on how to set up the AA meeting calendar app/plug-in and where to find additional information on Github. Alex at A.A. SF-Marin shared their current website vision and proved helpful with the direction I wanted to take this. He’s generously shared all of their work with the A.A. community and hosts a technology committee once a month open to all who wish to attend. I am now a regular at that meeting. I also want to give thanks to the unsung hero who created the meeting guide app/plugin and shared it with the entire A.A. community. There’s a TON of coding work that went into creating it! Talk about being in service!

When the first draft was complete I asked three trusted A.A. friends to review and give me feedback. Those new perspectives proved quite valuable as I had missed a few key things. I want to give special thanks to everyone at Intergroup, without your trust, faith and funding for professional services of Ricciardi Designs I would have shied away from the project.

The website will continue to evolve based on feedback I receive from A.A. members in the community. I love collaboration/teamwork, after all that is what A.A. is all about. Please e-mail me your thoughts, feedback and desires on how I can improve this website. This is a community effort, I am just in service assembling the pieces.