About Alcoholics Anonymous

Only you can decide whether you want to give A.A. a try. Admitting you might need help, or admitting that you’re an alcoholic, takes courage. The following pamphlets will tell you more about this fellowship and help you decide whether A.A. could be right for you.

You can also contact us anytime on the Mendocino Coast AA Hotline. 1-877-546-9286.

About Alcoholics Anonymous.

New to A.A.?

Women, LGBTQ & Young People

Bridging the Gap

Support for newly released inmates
& residents of treatment facilities/hospitals
District Contact – Marc O. (707) 367-3960

Additional A.A. Literature

Interesting A.A. Content

More A.A. Fellowships

Al-Anon Family Groups

Help and Hope for families and friends of Alcoholics